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Locals to participate in the renewed economic development in Sudr area by Mediterra

  • Mediterra has provided numerous opportunities to get local small businesses and individuals to participate in development activities of our fields. 

  • Local hotels and restaurant have benefited from our increased activities in the area

  • Skill training and job opportunities for the local engineers, technicians and manual workers

A numerous visits by governmental and  ministerial top management to Sudr area have taken place to witness our activities and renewed foreign direct investment in the region for the first time in decades.

Other initiatives supported by Mediterra:

  • Electrification of our operations – we are currently electrifying portions of our operations, at SMA a small number of wells are powered by the local power grid, we are in the process of expanding the number of wells tied into the grid and will continue to expand this project, thus reducing our dependency on diesel generated power.

  • Working to eliminate flaring natural gas, while our field generally has minimal natural gas production, we are currently in the process of switch power generation in the area to natural gas from diesel generation

  • Contribution to the local community – as the local communities where we operate are a key stakeholder for our social responsibility.

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