Operating Philosophies

Social Responsibility (SR)

  • We believe sustainable growth can only be accomplished through long-standing relationships with all stakeholders, including locals in our operating areas. Our management understands the challenges and has the skillsets and experience to bring the right solutions for sustainable benefits to all stakeholders. Our experience shows that successful operations and positive changes in the local communities can go hand-in-hand through prudent operational, technological, and financial practices.

  • We strive to ensure that our operations bring direct benefits to the communities in which we operate. These include the creation of jobs, expansion and upgrade of local infrastructure and community projects (sanitization, education, medical facilities, housing, water etc) creating opportunities for a better future.

  • Our operational philosophy is designed to bring key benefits for local communities such as local employment, contract work for local contractors and contributions for community development projects. Having strong local content, whether through local service providers, local contractors, or local employees, is key to our future success. Training local employees and investing in local service providers forms the basis of our legacy goal of “Building local capabilities to establish the foundation for a sustainable future”.

Health Safety and Environment (HSE)

  • Mediterra is committed to maintaining a healthy and safe working environment for all stakeholders including all employees, contractors and visitors who are affected by our operations.

  • Working together with the Government, we ensure we minimize the impacts of our operations on the environment, demonstrate a high level of social responsibility, and go beyond what is required for regulatory compliance.

  • It is Mediterra's goal to achieve an accident and injury-free work environment. As such, all levels of management are responsible for providing and maintaining a safe workplace with proper procedures, training and equipment to ensure that work activities are performed above and beyond industry standards and applicable government regulations.